Ioana Marchidan


Ioana Marchidan started dancing/ballet at the age of nine, when her grandfather took her to dancing classes. In the 12th grade, after a long and very detailed practice in classical dance, as a student at Floria Capsali Choreography High School Bucharest, she dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina. She auditioned to the National Opera House in Bucharest and she was accepted. She worked there for a year, but she didn’t like it.

While exploring the contemporary dance at a contemporary dance company named “Orion”, led by Sergiu Anghel, she decided that she liked it and auditioned for college at “Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography”, Choreography section, where she got in. She started developing choreographic skills there, by working with different directors in many challenging ways. Along with that came unexpected opportunities like “SakadatExtrasensorial” performance at the National Theater Bucharest where she started a long term collaboration with “Sensor Band/Kult Studio”. With them, she expanded her skills to other artistic areas such as VJ Player, Percussionist, etc.

Among the artists with whom she collaborated, they are worth mentioning: Arcadie Rusu (No Sleep” and Promised Land”), the director Dragoș Galgoțiu, Istvan Teglaș, who became her dancing partner in many performances for more than seven years; Gigi Căciuleanu (Oui Ba Da”, Folia, Shakespeare and Co”, ,,D’ale noastre”).


She also worked in theatre:

Midnight chat with Sylvia Plath”, directed by Iris Spiridon;

The seagull. Last act”, directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu;

Amalia breathes deeply” and “Who are you?”, directed by Amalia Olaru;

The Chairs”, directed by Chris Simion;

Magnetic Fields”, directed by Massimo Gerardi.


Other projects:

2006 : the musical “Jesus Christ Super Star”, directed by Adrian Pintea;

1/2/3/4 V_BODY_GENERATOR”, video performance, National Dance Center;

2007: “T_A_K_E_S”, visual project, video performance, Test Point, Fabrica;

The Journey”, based on “Johathan Livingstone Seagull” by Richard Bach, Mihai Eminescu Theatre, Botoşani;

2008: “The Journey”, restaged at Undercloud and then, at Ion Creangă Theatre, Bucharest;

2008: “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, Nottara Theatre, Bucharest;

2008: “SAKA”, performance made by Sensor troupe, live percussion and contemporary dance, Undercloud.


E-mail: ioanamarchidan@gmail.com