Galea Bobeicu





Galea Bobeicu is a choreographer and a dancer. In 2006, she graduated the Republican College of Choreography in Chişinău, in 2009 – National University of Theatre and Film „I.L.Caragiale”, Choreography Department, and in 2012 he got a Master’s degree in choreographic performing arts, class of Sergiu Anghel. She collaborates, as a performer, at Operetta and Musical Theatre ,,Ion Dacian” in Bucharest, The Small Theatre, The Very Small Theatre, Arcub. Between 2002 and 2006 she was part of ,,Joc” Academic Ensemble of Popular Dances, Republic of Moldova.

In 2012, she received the Award for the Best Choreography at National University of Theatre and Film Graduation Gala, for the show “Hail Love”, and The Organizers’ Award at the second edition of Fringe Independent Theatre Marathon Bucharest, for the same show.


She signed the choreography for the shows:

“You Make the First Step”, Unteatru, Direction: Andrei Munteanu (2015);

“You’re an Animal, Viskovitz”, “Anton Pann” Theatre in Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Direction: Tudor Lucanu (2014);

“Purimshpiel – A Comedy!”, The Jewish Theatre, Direction: Andrei Munteanu (2014);

“The Beautiful Journey of the Panda Bears”, Unteatru, Direction: Cătălina Buzoianu;

“Heroes you Only Meet in Dreams”, “Toma Caragiu” Theatre in Ploieşti, Direction: Cezar Ghioca (2013);

“Hail Love”, choreography for the dissertation exam National University of Theatre and Film (2012);

“Wondering Stars”, The Jewish Theatre, Direction: Andrei Munteanu (2012);

“The Visit of the Old Lady”, National Theatre Bucharest, Direction: Alexander Morfov (2012);

“Jewish Theatre Crest”, Direction: Andrei Munteanu (2011).


Works she was involved as a performer:

“Fabrika”, ,,Gigi Căciuleanu” Dance Company, The Small Theatre;

“Hail Love”, Odeon Theatre, Studio Hall, Direction: Galea Bobeicu;

“Birdville”, Tangaj Dance, Choreography: Simona Deaconescu, WASP;

“The Nothing Box”, National Centre of Dance Bucharest, Choreography: Silvia Calin (2011);

“The Free Besieged”, National Theatre Bucharest, Choreography: Amalia Strinopoulou (2010);

“Rebecca”, Operetta and Musical Theatre ,,Ion Dacian”, Direction: Attila Beres, Choreography: Akos Tihanyi (2011);

“Romeo & Julieta”, Operetta and Musical Theatre ,,Ion Dacian”, Direction: Kero, Choreography: Eva Duda;

“Liliacul”, Operetta and Musical Theatre ,,Ion Dacian”, Direction: Răzvan Dincă;

“Orpheus and Eurydice”, Bulandra Theatre, Direction: Ducu Darie (2009);

“The Tempest”, The Small Theatre, Direction: Cătălina Buzoianu;

“No Sleep”, National Centre of Dance Bucharest, Choreography: Arcadie Rusu (2010);

“Crazy stories in the city”, The Very Small Theatre, Direction: Arcadie Rusu (2010);

“Closed Doors Trial”, Athenaeum, Ronda Hall, Direction: Arcadie Rusu (2009);

“Beyond Us”, degree exam, Choreography: Dana Hasiade;

“The land of dreams”, degree exam, Choreography: Iușan Cristina;

“Will I Dance for Me?”, degree exam, Choreography: Rasmina Caltaboj;

“Abis”, degree exam, Choreography: Galina Bobeicu;

“Alice in Wonderland”, degree exam, Choreography: Simona Deaconescu;

“The Chairs”, degree exam, Choreography: Camelia Sava;

“Carousel”, dissertation exam, Choreography: Cristian Osolos;

,,Joc” Academic Ensemble of Popular Dances in Chișinău (2002-2006);

Performance with traditional popular dances from din Spain, Mexico; Choreography: Ivon Ramoz from Mexico; UNESCO Studio;

Flamenco show at National Theatre Bucharest, with Latin Express troupe;

“Time quartet”, Choreography: Simona Deaconescu;

She was a ballet teacher at Artes Centre in Corbeanca and she was the choreographer of “The Sound of Music” children choir.



“Ces amoures la”, Director: Claude Lalouche;

“1940”, short film, Director: Simona Deaconescu;

“Little Red”, short film, Director: Eva Pervolovic;

“Collective Identity”, short film, Directors: Radu Aldea, Sandra Mahvima;

“What About Love”, Director: Klaus Menzel.


E-mail: galea.bobeicu@gmail.com