Elena Copuzeanu

Elena Copuzeanu has a background in visual arts and she calls herself a visual artist, also a dancer and an independent performer. She has always been fascinated by mixing techniques, so from the very beginning she developed several ways of communication, such as monumental drawings, small paintings, video installation site specific, performances in public spaces and dance: authentic movements and real time compositions in relations with experimental music. It is about interdisciplinary, but her main focuses are dance and performance.

In the last two years, she worked extensively at an experiment in textile paintings; she created fashion design projects and combined painting with clothing design where she used her eccentric imaginary, collaborated with a professional fashion designer, made performances for final collection presentation and is planning a new collection for next year.

She also painted graffiti in private spaces in Brussels and she has drawings works in MNAC and NY collections.

She is currently concerned mainly with the “role” of the dramaturgy in contemporary performances and she also tries to extend this “role” in different elements of the construction of a work of art, completely integrated it into the working process, method, and relations. She is doing researches on the process of creating performances, and she particularly highlights the moment when the conceptual precision of ideas is turned into compromise, when the experimental and open, the risks are drastically reduced and the performer goes for the “safe” things.

Studies, masterclasses and workshops:

  • The Academy of Fine Arts in Painting and Video Art and Masterclass with Lawrence Weiner, in Conceptual Art and Multimedia, Maastricht, Holland.
  • Workshops in Theatre and Acting with Valeria Frabetti  from LaBarraca Theatre, at the Annual International Festival of Theatre, also in Actor’s Art workshops held by Teodora Campineanu, Ion Arcudeanu, Mihai Mălaimare, Bucharest.
  • Workshops in Contemporary Dance and Authentic Movement held by Milli Biterli and Olive Bieringa at Impulstanz Wiena;
  • Workshops held by Ivo Dimchev, Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher at ExploreDanceFestival, Bucharest at WASP (Working Art Space Production);
  • Workshops in HIP-HOP with Brandon “Peace” Albright at WASP (Working Art Space Project);
  • Workshops in Dramaturgy,  Choreography, Improvisation, Body Mind Centering  at National Centre of Dance and ZonaD in Bucharest held by Carmen Coțofană,Vava Ștefănescu, Mihai Mihalcea, Florin Fieroiu, Eduard Gabia, Cosmin Manolescu;
  • Workshops in Contact Improvisation with Berndt Knappe;
  • Workshops in Dramaturgy by Gina Șerbănescu and Igor Dobricic;
  • Workshops with David Bloom at Zona D, Bucharest;
  • Workshops in Dance Composition with Gabriella Maiorino at ZonaD; at IPA Bucharest International Performance Art Festival, she took part to the public presentations of the IPA workshops that were held in Bucharest, at the Pionierul Factory (the final presentation of the main works Rocio Boliver, Jurgen Fritz, Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter);
  • Mentorship and workshop with/by Mette Edvardsen and Isabelle Schad at WASP (Working Art Space Project) Bucharest; Mentorship with Rogerio Nuno Costa 2015 event organized by Ștefania Ferchedău at Modulab and ODD, Bucharest 2015.



Drawings and Video Expositions (selection) 2006–2014

Deep black”  at Cultural Centre Berlin, Germany curated by Adriana Popescu;

Toward black” at Dalles Gallery , Bucharest, curated by Mihai Oroveanu;

To designate” at Mogosoaia Pallace, curated by Erwin Kessler and Doina Mandru;


Sintetic Charcoal” at ICR, Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest curated by Tania Radu and Corneliu Antim;


Filmed faces”, video-experiment & performance at Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, curated by Erwin Kessler;

Fallen man in woman” – fashion collection and drawing exhibition at Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, curated by Iulia Gorneanu and Alin Galatescu;



Virtual me”, interactive video project in within the framework of PlatformaX  at WASP (Working Art Space Production)  Bucharest, curated by Olivia Nițiș;




Dance Performances (selection)  2010–2014

TO STOP”, performance/intervention in public spaces in different locations in Bucharest;


Within Eduard Gabia and Maria Baroncea Choreographic Project “Easy Wednesday” at CNDB (National Centre of Dance Bucharest) and during the “Occupy CNDB” project, she made a series of projects based on dance performances:

Lady in red”, dance performance;

Honey the cat”, dance performance;

Beautiful morning”, dance performance;

Eat the egg”, video/dance performance;

L’omage”,  video/dance performance;

Study of motion and body 1”, video/dance performance;

Study of motion and body 2”,  video/dance performance;

Move the body 1”, performance;

Move the body 2”,  performance;

Protest”, performative installation within “Occupy CNDB”;

Fragmentarium”, dance performance;


In the park”, video-performance within the framework of Occupy CNDB;

DORNA”, dance performance at the Visual Introspection Centre in Bucharest;

Postvanity/postSyncron”, performative installation at Studio Hall, The National Theatre in Bucharest;

FRAGMENTARIUM”, interdisciplinary and interactive project,  supported by the AFCN Bucharest, at Știrbei Palace;



Self-employment”, public intervention at the commercial center Mall, Bucharest;


Arbitrary associations”, dance performance/experiment with Vlaicu Golcea, musician, and  Mugur Grosu, poet, at Imbold Gallery, Bucharest;


No story.You”, open research  and performance with  Bernd Knappe at Silencio Pub, Bucharest;



The silence Dance”, dance performance within the framework of Museums Night at George Enescu Museum in Bucharest with the musician Irinel Anghel;

Method of elimination”, production Thomas Steyeart at WASP  (Working Art Space Production) at Explore Dance Festival Bucharest;



The fall of rebel Angels 9” (with Georgiana Dobre and Bogdan Drăgănescu ), project by Catherine Galasso at ZonaD, Bucharest


What you see is not what you looking at” and “Let’s do Real time Composition”, dance performance at Platforma Space and Performative Installation at CIV within the framework of IPA Bucharest International Performance Art Festival, Bucharest;



Virtual me”, interactive video project within the framework of PlatformaX  at WASP Bucharest;


NOW”, performative installation within the framework of Arts in Bucharest Festival at Simeza;



In Between Time Associate Artists

Visiting Lecturers at University College Falmouth


GIF”, work in progress:


Quantified self”, work in progress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4NoHh1Di1U


Other works:






The Artists Union Award for Drawings Exhibitions, Bucharest;

Ziua newspaper Award for intervention and performance in public spaces, “L’Omage de Mandela”, Bucharest;

The Artists Union Award for “NOW” performative installation, Bucharest;

Performer Award, The National Choreography Competition – ALT;

Drawing works in private collection at Contemporary Museum of Art Bucharest, Anixixs Galerry in Baden, Joe Felchlin Galery in Zürich, New York.


Blogs with her artistic activity

Performance: http://elenacopuzeanu.blogspot.ro/

Drawings: http://elenacopuzeanudrawing.blogspot.ro/

Experiment fashion paintings: http://touchpaintingtecstile.blogspot.ro/