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Cristina works as a choreographer and dancer and she is based in Bucharest. She studied Choreography at the National University of Theatre and Film ,,I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest which she graduated in 2008 and a year before that, Cristina had graduated Psychology. She is in a continuous search of the meeting point of these two disciplines. She also studied contemporary dance techniques like Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, Feldenkrais, Flying Low Technique and Real Time Composition and is also developing new techniques in her training as an experiential psychology counselor.

She created several performances such as: “Lay(ers)” the winner of ALT National Choreography Contest. The show was created during an artistic residency that took place in 2013 in Luxembourg and had several presentations in the years that followed in cities like Luxembourg, Bucharest, Seattle, Turin, Cardiff etc. “They’re Not All Heroes” a performance created in 2014 in collaboration with Smaranda Gabudeanu which was presented in Cluj and Bucharest and it will continue to be presented in 2016. ,,Fapte Vitejești”/“Valiant Deeds” a performance for children in collaboration with an multidisciplinary artistic group. The performance will be presented in 2016 all over Romania. In the past she created other experimental performance such as “My Invisible Body” which was presented at Zona D Studio in Bucharest, “You’ve Got To…”  in collaboration with Georgiana Dobre and Ana Costea (choreographers and performers) presented at George Enescu Museum, How it works” a performance shown in the Theater for Apartments Festival” in Bucharest.

She collaborated with artists such as: Cosmin Manolescu (choreographer), Mihaela Dancs (choreographer), Madalina Dan (choreographer), Irinel Anghel (musician and performer), Dilmana Yordanova (visual artist), Georgiana Dobre and Ana Costea (choreographers and dancers), Smaranda Gabudeanu (actress, performer, puppeteer), Andreea David (performer) etc. In the workshops she attended, she had the chance to work with artists and theoreticians like Andre Lepecki, Nancy Stark Smith, Benno Vorham, Scott Wells, Martin Keogh, Mat Voorner, Lola Keraly, Florin Fieroiu, Anna Wehsarg, Meg Stuart, Phillip Gemacher, Kira Kirsch, Baris Mihci, Rich Brown and others.

Cristina also teaches contemporary dance classes for nonprofessionals and gets involved in building the Contact Improvisation community in Bucharest. Her wish is to present this technique and the joy of dancing to a wide audience of people. Cristina is a member of Asociația Pentru Teatru și Carte (PETEC) that produces artistic and educational projects and will continue to do so in the future.

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