Cristina Iușan

Cristina Iușan was born in 1985 in Târgu-Mureș. She graduated in 2008 The University of Theatrical Arts in Târgu-Mureș, Theatre Studies Department, and in 2009 – The National University of Theatre and Film, Master’s degree in contemporary dance. She received the diploma for the best choreographer for her master performance named “The land of Dreams”. After this, she returned to Târgu –Mureș where she took a master in acting. Then she started her PhD in performing arts and graduated in 2014. Currently, Cristina Iușan is a teacher of choreography at the University of Arts from Târgu-Mureș and collaborates at various shows at the National Theater of Târgu-Mureș.

She signed the choreography for the shows:
“Methamophoze” – Teatrul Arlechino Brașov, directed by Georgeta Lozinca (2015- 2016);
,,Vivaldi și anotimpurile”, Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș, Assistant Choreographer Cristina Iușan, coreographed by Gigi Căciuleanu (2015);
,,Steaua fără nume” – Mihail Sebastian, Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș, directed by Erwin Simsensohn (2015);
,,Prințesa Turandot”, Teatrul Ariel, directed by Traian Savinescu (2014);
“Eutopia”, Teatrul Ariel, directed by Georgeta Lozincă (2013);
“Love Triangle”, Teatrul Tabu, directed and choreographed by Cristina Iuşan (2012);
,,Cenestezica”– texts by Andrei Roşca, direction Mihai Vîntu and Daniel Ionescu (2012);
“Crize” – the gay version, adaptation of Mihai Ignat play, directed by Mihai Vîntu and Daniel Ionescu (2012);
“Carmina Burana”, Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș, assistant choreographer Cristina Iușan, choreographed by Gigi Căciuleanu (2011);
,,Oxigen” – Ivan Vîrîpaev – Teatrul Ariel Underground, directed by Olga Macrinici (2011);
,,Gînduri către Edera”, after the letters of Lucian Blaga, Teatrul Ariel, directed by Mihai Vântu and Daniel Ionescu (2011).

Roles as a dancer:
Her – ,,Vivaldi și anotimpurile” – directed by Gigi Căciuleanu;
Her – “Carmina Burana” – directed by Gigi Căciuleanu;
,,Utopia”/”Eutopia”, directed by Georgeta Lozincă;
Cornelia Brediceanu – ,,Gînduri către Edera”, after the letters of Lucian Blaga, Teatrul Ariel, directed by Mihai Vântu and Daniel Ionescu (2011);
Woman-Child – “Copies and Children” – directed and choreographed by Mihaela Culda;
The Bride – “The Waiting” – directed and choreographed by Simona Mandache;
Secretary – “The Audition” – directed and choreographed by Cristina Maria Marocico (Iușan);
A girl – “Duende”, based on „Bernarda Alba’s House” by Federico Garcia Lorca, direction and choreography Ligia Matei;
The Dealer and the Daemon – “Poker Face” – direction and choreography Ligia Matei;
A passenger – “The Land of Dreams” – direction and choreography Cristina Maria Iușan;
A Girl – “Out of the Wings”, based on “Bernarda Alba’s House” by Federico Garcia Lorca, direction and choreography Ligia Matei;
The Dancer – “Folklorika” – direction and choreography Ivonne Ramos.

Roles as an actress:
Apple saleswoman – ,,Poveste de Crăciun”, directed by Oana Leahu;
Manipulator (choir) – “Don Quijote” – adaptation by Ada Milea, direction Mihai Manuțiu;
Character from the crowd – ,,Zorba Grecul – Nikos Kazantzakis”, directed by Sorin Misirianţu;
The Wind Element – “ME” – based on The History of Religions by Mircea Eliade, direction and scenic movement Liviu Pancu;
Her – “In Their Midst There She Sleeps”, script by Roxana Pântice, direction Mihai Vântu and choreography Cristina Maria Iușan;
The Storyteller, based on “Romeo and Juliet” by Wiliam Shakespeare, direction Pop Irimie, choreography Cristina Maria Iușan;
The Goblin of Hell – “Orpheus and Eurydice”, direction Ducu Darie;
The Girl – “The glory of living” – Rebecca Gilman, direction Marius Olteanu;
Pulcinella death – “Piazzetta” – Carlo Goldoni, direction Mona Chirilă;
Metaphor, the ballerina – “Cabaret” – Joe Masteroff and John van Druten, direction Radu Olăreanu.

Roles as an actress in movies:
“Billion star Hotel”, directed by Alecs Năstoiu.

Other activities:
Dancer of contemporary dance, Unesco Department, Bucharest;
Organizer, actress and dancer at “MedievArtFest 2008”;
Dancer-performer in TV commercials: ING Bank, Magic FM radio station, ProTV (“Happy Hour” show and “The Audition” show, live broadcast from The National University of Theatre and Film Graduation Gala), Cultural TV (with scenes from “Duende”);
She worked, trained and graduated classes with Mirva Makinen, Hilde Rustad, Ivonne Ramos, Igor Kacaaev, Massimo Gerardi, Brice Moussete, Vava Ștefănescu, Gigi Căciuleanu.
Now she is a principal dancer in the ,,Vivaldi și anotimpurile” performance, directed and choregraphed by Gigi Căciuleanu.

Her biggest interest is in the field of contemporary dance, but also in the jazz dance field and everything that includes dance.

Phone: 0742 136 055
E-mail: cristinamariaiusan@gmail.com