Andreea Belu


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Andreea Belu has graduated The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences at The University of Bucharest and The Faculty of Theatre – Choreography at The University of National Theatre and Film in Bucharest, Romania. She got a Master’s Degree in Choreography from the same university.

She has been teaching contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, Pilates and Yoga Classes for over 8 years.

Throughout her development, she has collaborated as a student, performer, choreographer, teacher with The National Dance Center (Romania), The National Theatre (Romania), Odeon Theatre (Romania), 4culture Association (Romania), The Brush Factory (Romania), Groundfloorgroup (Romania), The workshop Foundation (Hungary), North Karelia College (Finland).

She conceives and implements social projects that concern the visibility and resolution of social problems (discrimination) through artistic methods, working as a volunteer in the Roots&Routes International Network.

Movement, dance and theatre represent, for her, a direct, honest way to reach.


May – June 2014 : W.A.S.P., 4culture Association (Bucharest, Romania) – working as a performer for “Score #21”: Methods of Elimination (Choreographer: Thomas Steyaert);

Present: The National Theatre in Bucharest – working for the scenic movement for “Europe Hotel”, Stage Director: Andrei Raicu;

October 2013 – present: The National Dance Center (Bucharest, Romania) – teaching contemporary dance classes;

October 2013 – November 2014: W.A.S.P., 4culture Association, Choreography Section Foundation, ALT Choreography Contest, eXplore Dance Festival, Romanian Contemporary Dance Platform, The National Dance Center – presenting “I don’t know” contemporary dance performance (Choreography: Andreea Belu).


https://vimeo.com/87912727  – concept and choreography

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h3rpcizDhQ – scenic movement

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLFMLJpRTV4  – performer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRWO67dw_wg – performer

https://youtu.be/g56kKXE2vpQ  – concept and choreography (I don t know)

,,Corp Bazar”/Bazar Body” is a performance where the choreographers ask questions about the social and individual reality in which they live. Under the shape of an interiorized monologue, always put under a question mark, the performance speaks about interrelation and lack of communication.

Choreographed and performed by :
Catrinel Catană
Tímea Kovàcs
Andreea Belu

,,Nu știu”/I don’t know”

A performance about 4 girls that try to resist. Resist to them selves and to the others, to the imagery world in their head and to the social reality they suddenly woke up in.

By: Andreea Belu

Alexandra Bălăşoiu
Alina Petrică
Andreea C. Hristu / Andreea Belu
Diana Spiridon

Visuals: Ştefan Schultz / Mihai CIobanu
Sound and light design: Alexandros Raptis
Stage design: Chris Burlacu / Rodica Ştirbu
Poster and photos : Rareş Avram / Florin Ghenade

An University of National Theatre and Film ,,I. L. Caragiale” production, with the support of WASP – Working Artist Space & Productions.

https://vimeo.com/87912727 – link trailer
http://www.derfillm.com/185028/1919642/home/i-dont-know – link visuals and pictures

“Distopie. Shakespeare. Remix” is that kind of performance that lifts one’s eyebrow and obliges one to have an attitude. It is a relevant answer to the worn out question “Is Shakespeare still contemporary?” – yes, he still is, as long as there are theatre creators who will tell us his stories using our language. (Alina Epîngeac, yorick.ro)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbe8NJvNAJc – link trailer

Iaacovi and Leidental” seems to be – at the first site – a complicated puzzle. A puzzle that requires a lot of patience to unravel. However, it is a fascinating puzzle that will not leave one alone until it is unraveled. More than that, it will not leave one alone not even after one unravels it.

Stage direction : Andrei Raicu
Stage design : Marian- Claudiu Bortan
Scenic movement : Andreea Belu
Music: Alex Halka and Vlaicu Golcea
Light design : Cristi Niculescu and Paul Zamfir

With: Ionuț Nicolae, Eduard Cîrlan, Alina Badea

,,Peretele”/“The Wall” is a big story with two pockets, in which one can fit two little stories that influence each other, complete each other, they even laugh about each other – I would dare to say.
There is singing in our performance, quite a lot, because, sometimes, life puts one in such situations where speaking can’t help one to make his/ her point, so that requires musical notes. Because the music has the gift to directly address to the soul, more than the restrictive logic of the phrases that one throws against another during a life time. “The wall” is not what we would call a musical ( I see that the English term “musical” is generally used, so I conform). “The Wall” is a theatre play with sang parts. So you won’t see ballet corps, shinny suites with spangles and ostrich feathers. You will see some characters who escape to singing once in a while and come back again among us, the prose speakers, as an astronaut comes back form the weightlessness of his space cabin, to the burden of his own being. “The Wall” is a comedy. And, because laughter can only define itself through the existence of crying in this world, “The Wall” is, at the same time, a drama.” Lia Bugnar

Stage direction: Lia Bugnar
Scenic movement: Andreea Belu
Music : Vlaicu Golcea
Stage design : Mădălina Marinescu
Costumes: Dorin Negrău

Cast: Adriana Trandafir, Mariana Dănescu, Gabriela Popescu, Raluca Ghervan, Maria Buză, Natalia Călin, Letiția Vlădescu, Florentina Țilea, Ana Ularu, Alexandra Sălceanu, Marcela Motoc, Cătălin Babliuc, Mihai Nițu, Radu Iacoban, Istvan Teglaş, Marius Manole.

Phone: 004.0727.867.381
E-mail: beluandreeaioana@gmail.com